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Posted By Sharon Frawley

I often speak with candidates that are very happy at their company and don’t think that they want to hear about a new job.  Ironically, these are most often the people that I end up placing with our clients! In fact, they usually aren’t even looking until I tell them about a position that was too great to pass up.

You don't have to be unhappy

A major misconception is that you have to be miserable in your current job or hate your boss to talk to a recruiter about a career opportunity.   Obviously, if you’re working for a bully or your office location is closing down, there’s a pretty big motivation to get out.  Honestly, what’s really important is whether or not the new opportunity is stronger than your current position.  Of course, there are a few perfect jobs around but I’ve found that there truly are better jobs, better benefits and better pay out there for most people…but they simply don’t know about them, yet!

How do you know if the opportunity is stronger and right for you?  Well, my personal belief is that it needs to be rewarding in three areas:

1. Professionally

It should offer you future advancement opportunities that don’t exist with your current employer, provide an environment to learn additional skills sets and advance your expertise, i.e., you will now be able to handle large loss claims or handle product management for the entire country versus one region.  Some people want to change jobs to move into management; however, my experience is that it rarely happens.  Promotion from within is far more prevalent in leadership roles than bringing in a newbie with no supervisory background who needs to learn how to manage at team.

2. Personally

Will you like getting up every morning and going to work?  Do you like the company vision, culture, management, workspace, etc.?  Is it a job you love to do?  Can you work some days remotely?  Is there a generous vacation package?  All these things add value to the personal satisfaction you will have with your job.

3. Financially

Let’s face it…no one wants to make less money when making a career move so you should get a nice bump in salary with the move.  Be realistic and know that 10-20% increases are the norm.  If you get more, great.  If you get equity or the family medical plan is fantastic and will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars, even better!

So…the next time that a recruiter calls with a job opportunity, please take a few minutes to at least engage in a conversation and see what it is. You may be even happier with the outcome!

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