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Finding an Insurance Job

“Patience is a virtue.”

I remember hearing this phrase quite often as I was growing up. Now I find myself using the same phrase with my own children! Times have changed though…with advanced technology, high-speed internet and information available immediately with a quick question to Siri or Alexa, patience has become less conventional and more about instant gratification.

Patience is required in a job search.

Your ideal job is posted on a website, you apply for that job and wait. Sometimes you get a call, an interview or an email and sometimes you do not. It’s the ever-frustrating part of the job search!

When I interview a candidate for the first time, I always close our conversation with a discussion about patience. Finding that next step in your career, that dream job in an ideal location, or a work from home position, usually takes time – and a lot of patience.

Only once in a while do things work out in a job search quickly.

Just this year, I had a candidate come to me looking to relocate to Vermont. The process from the day I interviewed him to the day an offer letter was in his hand was 28 days! This is highly unusual; however, the circumstances all fit together. The candidate was committed to relocate to Vermont and had the proper skills required, the Client (Company) was motivated to fill the position and ended up with an awesome candidate! Trust me…it rarely happens this quickly.

Being patient during your job search is difficult.

You may be going on interviews, not getting feedback or be turned down for a role. As frustrated as you may get, it is important to practice patience. Keep positive! Always move forward! There is a reason it didn’t work out – I see it all the time.

The right position and company will come along. And that career move will pay off – but only if you are practicing the virtue of patience!


I am an Executive Recruiter specializing in the Property and Casualty Insurance industry. If you are looking to make a job change, give me a call. I would love to chat!

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