Prepping For Your Insurance Interview? Confidence is all You Need!

Insurance Industry Job Preparation
Insurance Industry Job Preparation

Earlier this week, my two boys (13&9) approached my husband and me with a proposal to increase their screen time allowance during the week to one day; we don’t allow video games during the school week. The way they approached the conversation was like a Shark Tank episode. They both changed their clothes and wore their “best dress” for the “meeting”. They walked into the room together and addressed us before going into their “sales pitch”. It was seriously priceless and something I’m sure I will remember forever!

After the negotiations, my 9-year-old is the negotiator (future recruiter!); I couldn’t help but relate the experience to a job interview. Walking into an interview is nerve-racking! It is natural to be nervous and uneasy about the process. The best thing you can do is fall back on your confidence. Wear your “best dressed” and walk in with your head held high, address the interviewer and extend a confident handshake. Confidence in the winning strategy in an interview. Rely on your experience and use that to help strengthen your confidence. If you set yourself up in your mind and your appearance, the confidence will naturally flow into the conversation.

Now go nail that interview!The boys earned the one day a week screen-time….HAHA!


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