Ghosting the Interview Process Shame on You!

Posted By Jen Roddy

According to the Dictionary, Ghosting is the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication. Unfortunately, IMO this behavior has become much more common in business. Recently, I was working with a candidate for an opening with my client. The process was moving along and was a positive experience for all parties involved, then suddenly over a week went by with no communication from the candidate. In several attempts to reach the candidate via email, phone, text message, I was literally ready to board a plane and knock on this guy’s door!!!

I must tell you, my recruiting style is pretty laid back, I am never intense with my candidates, I never tell them what to do or force them into interviews or jobs (trust me, some recruiters do!). Therefore, I do not often experience this type of behavior because I make sure we establish a good relationship from the first call and forward.

Ghosting in the interview process is a violation of all ethical values. It is disrespectful and raises doubts about one’s character and reliability. Another problem with this practice is that is can become habitual. The act of abruptly ending a personal relationship doesn’t allow for any known repercussions, therefore potentially making it acceptable behavior to do again and again.

Being honest and direct is not always easy, however, it is the only way to uphold integrity. I promise being honest is always the better choice! ????

#Don’tGhostYourRecruiter  #Don’tGhostAnyone


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